The Bulgarian Association of Balneoturism (BAB)

The Bulgarian Association of Balneoturism (BAB) was established in September 2000 in the town of Pomorie, Bulgaria. Since 2004 BAB is registered as a non-profit organization.

The Association promotes the interests of its members and facilitates the flow of information between them. Members are among municipalities, hospitals specialized in rehabilitation, SPA centres, private enterprises, doctors, architects, engineers and scientists that have an active interest and knowledge of balneoturism.


  • Create a national strategy for development of the balneoturism;
  • Create a marketing strategy to increase the reputation of the sector within the country and abroad;
  • Organize trips to balneoturism sites with educational purposes;
  • Set and maintain high standards of service and encouraging free-market competition;
  • Facilitate the implementation of the European legal framework in Bulgaria;
  • Attract foreign investment for balneoturism development;
  • Exchange of scientific information;
  • Protect the environment through encouraging the sustainable use of the natural resources;
  • Evaluate the need of skilled labour in the balneoturism industry and promote dissemination of the best practices.

Priority of activities:

  • Creating a database, describing the sites and their capacity for balneological centers;
  • Providing our members with information relevant to their activities;
  • Work towards reducing the cost of mineral water usage;
  • Creating a regular contract between travel agencies and balneo–treatment sites;
  • Collaborating with governmental and national institutions, as well as with local NGOs;
  • Maintaining good relationship with similar associations in Serbia and Montenegro;
  • Participating in the National Tourism Council;
  • Participating in discussions and conferences related to issues of tourism
  • Collaborating to the elaboration of a regional plan for economic development for the South-eastern region of Bulgaria;
  • Creating a model for the sustainable development of through best practices.

Calendar of events

Annual meeting – taking place once per year between April and May.

All members of the association participate.


– October 2000 – International Fear in Plovdiv “ Presentation of the newly established Bulgarian Balneoturisme Association”

- October 2004 – “Opportunities for development of balneo treatment, healing, and rehabilitation in Bulgaria”

Projects – “Program for development of a sustainable model for the balneoturism in Pomorie” financed by Foundation”Support Charitable Bulgaria”

Board of Directors

Chairman Chenko Chalukov – Ex. Director of SBRNK EAD

Vice-Chairman D-r Silvia Paskaleva – Manager, Sports and recreation Complex “Lozenetc”

D-r Stefan Shishkov – Doctor of Grand Hotel Pomorie

D-r Kamen Kanev VMA

Ilio Ilev – Major of municipality Strelcha

Control council

Petko Gluharski – Director of BTL Electronic Equipment

Daniela Ivanova – CEO DI Contract EOOD

Ganka Georgieva – PRO EAD, Bourgas