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Our Ukrainian company is a manufacturer and supplier of wood pellets to Europe. Interested in long-term cooperation with European companies. We have all the necessary documents for the shipment from Ukraine.
Quality certificates available.
  Wood pellets Din / DIN +.
Raw material: pine bark.
Terms of delivery: FCA, DDU.
Diameter: 6-8mm
Ash: 0.5%
Humidity: up to 6%
Packaging: 15 kg Bag 500-1000kg
Certificate of quality: available
Scope of supply: 500Ton per month.
3. Pellets from sunflower husk
Diameter: 8mm-
Moisture – not more than 10%
Ash – 2.45%
Sulphur – 0.3%
Heat of combustion:
20.3 – the highest -MDzh/kg
17 – lower -MDzh/kg
Price: FCA, DDU negotiated
Email: @
Tel /  +38093 9006153

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Supplier of wood pellets to Europe

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